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People came (or in many cases, were brought) here to build the canal or railroad, and do business in the capital.

The largest number of immigrants came from China and Africa, but there are substantial groups from India, the Middle East, Europe, and North America.

The country’s most powerful people tend to come from elite families with lighter skin and Spanish ancestry.Panama also has a surprisingly diverse population, the result of intact indigenous groups and steady immigration over the last 500 years.Its role as a commercial transit point played a huge part in this.It’s tough to get a reliable estimate of the ethnic breakdown in Panama, but most reports put it at somewhere between 65-70 percent mestizo (mixed Amerindian and Caucasian), 8-10 percent Amerindian, and the rest with African or European ancestry.People with African origins – Afro-Colonials and Afro-Antillanos – have lived in Panama since the 16th century.

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